Why Heritage Education?

Heritage was born out of an ardent belief in the quality of teaching and learning in the British private sector of education; this belief stems from the value and lifelong benefits of the system, both from its academic excellence and culture, and, in this multicultural age, from the rich tapestry of nationalities that characterise modern boarding schools in Britain today. These allow lasting relationships to be built between its pupils, which stand them in good stead for life.

By using Heritage you gain access to schools that will allow you to position your child in the best education system in the world and fulfil your ambitions for them. At Heritage you will receive a highly tailored service that focuses on personal attention to your child and a lasting commitment that goes well beyond the initial school placement. This service is restricted to a limited number of pupils each year to ensure that we are only placing the best pupils at the schools that are right for them. It is this personal touch that we believe makes the difference between Heritage Education and our competitors. All pupils will be tested and screened to ascertain at what level they are performing and in tandem with this a set of interviews will take place to align the aspirations of the parents with the academic level of the pupil.